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Peterbilt Spotters Guide

The 386 and 384 replaced the model 385 which replaced the model 377.   386 debuted in 2005.

The 386 has a 126" BBC and the 384 has a 116" BBC.  The 384 looks like 386 but the grille/crown stands straighter where 386's crown leans back.  384 also has a larger secondary fender piece between the hood and the lower fender.


386 with polished bumper,chassis skirts, cab transition panels and 63" sleeper, aero mirrors and visor.Blue:  386 with 48" sleeper and chassis skirts.  Red:  386 daycab.  Note bumpers.

386 with UltraExtended Daycab.

386 LNG powered daycab

386 with chassis skirts, aero shield mounts, transition panels, aero visor and mirrors.


382 with Ultracab and 70" sleeper, cab mounted exhaust and no chassis fairings - a traditional look.

The gray unit is a 386, the turqouise unit is a 384


386 Ultracab with 70" sleeper, transition panels and polished bumper - note the side of the intermediate fender panel.


Clint Moore photos


The 384

384 with Ultra Extended Daycab.

384 daycab with polished bumper

384 tandem axle tractor with 36" sleeper

384 with Ultra Extended Daycab with aero muffler shields.This 384 with Ultra Extended Daycab is much different from the unit above it - fuel tank location, battery box, no roof horns, PB style wheels, exhaust, quarter fenders.

384 Ultra Extended Cab LNG with 1 pc curved windshield.

384 tandem axle tractor, Ultracab, 48" sleeper.

384 daycab tandem axle tractor

384 - note the large intermediate fender section and the upright crown.

Now this photo perplexes me - it is a 384 but the intermediate fender section is more like a 386.

The green and yellow unit is a 384.  Again the intermediate fender section is large.

384 tandem axle tractor.



386 and 384