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Peterbilt Spotters Guide

The models 367 and 365 debuted in 2006 as the replacements for the 357 and 378.   Both models feature fiberglass hoods.  Configurations are available in set forward or set back front axle, FEPTO (front equipped power take off), and the 367 is available in a HH version (HeavyHaul or HighHood).   The 367 has a 123" BBC and 365 has a 116" BBC.  The 365 can only be spec'd with underhood air cleaners.

Both 365 and 367 can be spec'd for construction or highway or a combination.  All of the Peterbilt sleepers and roof options are available.

367 SFFA

367 SFFA with extended daycab, 1 piece curved windshield and 389 lamps.

367 SFFA with underhood air cleaner, UltraExtended cab, cab extenders and LNG fuel.

367 SFFA

367 SFFA with Ultracab high roof and 63" sleeper.

367 SFFA standard cab with 36" sleeper.

367 SFFA UltraExtended Daycab

367 standard cab daycab tractor. 

367 SFFA with FEPTO fixed grille screen and standard cab.

367 Set Forward









The Set Back Axle 367's

367 HeavyHaul with 48" sleeper and tri-drive.

367 SBFA HeavyHaul with FEPTO bumper and standard cab

367 HeavyHaul, 36" sleeper, tri-drive, FEPTO fixed grille screen.  The 2nd forward axle is for an upfitter to convert to tandem steer.

367 HeavyHaul with standard cab.

367 HeavyHauler daycab tri-drive. 



367 SBFA

367 SBFA standard cab with 389 lamps

367 SBFA with UltraExtended Daycab, tri-drive and new for '11 389 lamps.

367 SBFA - the blue has a 48" low roof sleeper and '379 family' lamps, the red unit has a 48" stand up sleeper, Ultracab and 389 headlamps.  Subtle options change the look of the truck dramatically.

367 Set Back




365 Set Forward Axle

365 SFFA standard cab quad '379' headlamps


 367 and 365